Geo Media

When it comes to potential customers and markets from a forthcoming marketing and analyze sales activity to be targeted, geo today is an important tool and is used by all major companies. In the spatial structures of the region are investigated and visualized. This makes it possible to act purposefully, have a minimum wastage and to plan more effectively, not least the budget. When geomarketing is therefore an instrument of market research. In a promotional tour, it may be useful, for example, verify the action points in the run by geo at. Supportive measures can then be used more efficiently. It is possible to publish a press parallel to such a promotional tour accompanying article on the action with the exact dates and places in local and regional media such as newspapers or radio stations. Depending on the purchasing power, household structure and education in the region under review, there are certain media better than others. In some areasmore people read a newspaper than in other districts. In streets with mostly student residents will be heard as other radio stations in residential districts. Press services have adequate resources to turn the article in exactly the medium that is relevant to the intended audience. To be accurately addressed the people to whom the product or service is to be sold.