Ken Robinson

Since we are in the womb, our parents are initiated in the crusade of having us certain projects to comply with the time. Before even that we breathe for the first time on our own, our relatives have already joined an idea of aspiring us to get or what you would like them that we get to reap. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from technology investor. Logically, this has just been taking a toll. Both our parents and our our circle of acquaintances and the community of which we are part exercise exceptional authority in our selection of path to follow. If we decide to carry out training courses, to say the least, our choice is influenced by all the elements mentioned above. This event does not always connote perjuciales circumstances (most parents want the best for young people), but that can lead to unintended consequences. If not assimilate the importance of choosing free-form, the most common is that we feel disappointed.

However decide independently not only entails not be influence by the others, but also leave the own misgivings and those of the community. On many occasions we debunk us and we refuse to do training courses that we are interested because we judge them not sufficiently good, advantageous or prudent. Other times, we believe that we will not be able to achieve enough in that area dimension as to be experts. In either of the two cases, suspicious of our skills, and also, giving up on getting our projects. According to Ken Robinson, author of the element: discovering your passion changes everything, we all have an activity that excites us and also us is simple to perform. It is what he calls our element.

If reach our item, we will find ourselves in a zone of ideal balance and feel grateful and made. Following the reasoning of Robinson, the importance of our professional selection can lead to definite consequences in the progress of our life. The choice may depend, to some extent, our happiness. And as you know, happiness is the goal which We all aspire.


If you want to see us always young and full of energy we need to modify our thoughts and beliefs that are within us, for example sometimes we see some people who are full of energy, vitality and good, look how manage it? They have enough motivation to undertake efficient actions that allow them to have a healthier lifestyle. There is also a mysterious process within us that makes us say changes in the physical plane and this are our beliefs, if we change the information with respect to time and the conception we have of ourselves then necessarily have to see us different. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will learn how to program any desire in your life using the power of the mind, by reading this book means as an idea is materialized from the plane of the information to the material plane, will know the great secrets of the spiritual powers and you can use them for your benefit. With the power of the information it is possible to modify any condition in our life, but from a conscious point of view it seems impossible, but you should not curb the current creator of the universe, just getting an idea and will reap great things. What can we do to feel us and see us better? It is necessary to reschedule our life, analyze what factors are those that we are moving away from a life filled with happiness, health and prosperity, once we find them it is necessary to start working on them and so little by little we will renewing our soul. There is also the mental programming, i.e. all the things that we are experiencing are due to beliefs, fortunately there are methods to modify that perception in our subconscious mind, for example we see that some people stay slim despite eating plenty, how do do them? Internally they constantly believe in thinness, from a conscious point of view we call this genetic and it is true, though deeply analyzed can say that the only genetic is a set of information recorded on the inside of a person, is just data, ideas that immediately materialize. .