Is Anyone In My Closet

MyWorld talking yesterday about the existence of someone living in his closet, he told me something about this story I found in El Semanal Digital , and then you record: “… Intrigued by the constant and mysterious disappearance of food from his refrigerator, a Japanese, single and 57, took a monumental surprise to discover a woman who lived in a cupboard in his house for months.The man decided to install a security camera at home to discover who was stealing food from their kitchen and shower in your bathroom. Having found the videos to a woman who was walking through the rooms in his absence, called the police alarmed. The agents searched the home from top to bottom but found no signs that would have forced the door or window. Hear other arguments on the topic with Clinton Family. Finally found the woman, Horikawa Tatsuko 58, who lived hidden in the top of a wardrobe with sliding door, a place large enough to accommodate a person lying on a mat. Tatsuko, who was arrested, told police he had nowhere to live and that was installed in the house almost a year, although with interruptions. The police suspect may have installed hiding in the closets of other homes in the neighborhood.The home owner said a woman was very clean and tidy … ”


Sergio Larrain

Sergio Larrain was born in Santiago de Chile in 1931. Only son of renowned architect Sergio Larrain Garcia-Moreno. At 18 he made his first works addressing the sub-world of children living under bridges Mapocho River, being rescued some of these works in his book “The rectangle in the Hand”. With just over 20 years, Larrain part to the University of California Berkeley, where he studied forestry. Learn more about this with technology investor. In this country gets its first camera, a Leica III C In 1951 he returned to Chile and began his career working with magazine photographer O’Cruzeiro Brazil. Between 1958 and 1959 he traveled to Europe encouraged by Cartier-Bresson to be part of the prestigious Magnum agency. The famous Paris Match magazine was one of the more regularly published photographs of Larra n, once devoted two inside pages to coverage of the marriage of the Shah of Persia with Farah Diva. In 1960, is included in the exhibition “Face of Chile, the most important photo exhibition held in our country. Since the 70 ‘, Larrain begins to belong to an esoteric movement of Arica, away from the picture. Today, he lives in the Fourth Region of Chile, where she practices yoga and other relaxation disciplines.


Role For Stage Jobs!

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