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The free job board for stage, film and media at the theater always gets more applause. Berlin. Nothing is harder to fill roles and jobs as the best or to be found. Facilitating gives the online job market in the great German theaters nationwide directory with many entries for jobs and job searches. Jobs here playing on and off stage, the absolute leading role. The entries are presented in the areas of recruitment, job applications, internships and trainee positions. Offerings and are looking for jobs for actors, musical performers, singers, dancers, musicians, playwrights, directors, assistant directors, set designers, stage assistants, costume designers, dressers, tailors, props, makeup, lighting technicians, stage technicians, light technicians, sound technicians, camera men, production managers, production assistants, Press and Public Relations, interns, trainees and apprentices. Usethe job market is free and simple: Who wants to occupy a place can look around in the job applications and then adding a job offer. Those looking for a new job, first looks at the many jobs and can then receive a separate job application. Jobs and job searches can be reached after a short editorial review around the clock. The job also benefits from the well over 350,000 hits a month on the provision of quality that offers since 1999 with over 2,000 entries from 713 cities, an almost complete picture of the theatrical landscape in Germany.

The Perils Of Buying Collectible Stuff On EBay

I'm a big camera dork.  My wife wants to kill me, of course, but I love the old Canon and Nikon rangefinders.  In fact, some of them — or at least the optics — (mostly for esoteric engineering reasons) are better than the lenses modern cameras.

I found a good list regarding the perils over here.  Most of this stuff is true.  If it says "untested," you better damn well wonder why this thing that the reserve price is set to something reasonable, if he doesn't actually know it should be fixed to multiply its value.  Most people aren't this stupid.

Don't be stupid yourself.  Being a good eBayer doesn't mean you have to be a sucker.  Be fair, be square, but don't get cheated.

Most sellers are reasonable people who will compromise to keep both sides happy.