Mexico Town

Mexico town of ignorant * Mexican political parties who exhibit their misery. * Politics in Mexico is a crap! Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero-March 10, 2010. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. Public indifference, ignorance and fanaticism among other factors have allowed keep the ill-fated PRI, in power plunging the country; making Mexico a town of ignorant, in the most severe intellectual, economic and even spiritual poverty, proof of this is that it’s been over 80 years that have looted with impunity the country to the utmost, and of a few thousand lawyers and Mexican professionals do not see their legal knowledge and intellectual capacity to stop these political narco who have prostituted to all institutions and Government agencies and even the not of Government; the same army has not saved from his terrible machinations and perversions, have corrupted Mexican political parties using them at your whim to simulate that there is electoral competition, exhibiting only their misery, since then which are the domes of parties that are comparsas of the PRI, not it generalizes to all militancy and sympathizers, besides suppressed daily huge sums of money in pure worship to his personality, buying media and journalists who are full time to influence people in favor of the PRIhiding their pacts with the crime and organized crime and other types of concertation in the shadows. In this last, currently discussed in various media on a Pact of no bread alliances with the chiquillada by the PRI and its pawns of communication, where many analysts, journalists and opinion lidercillos tear garments by putting the cry in the sky shocked as inconsistent, unfair, perverted and other qualifiers. A clear manipulation of the PRI in the media is because it insists on calling attention to something that is not new, nor will it be the first Alliance nor the last what before was not unqualified? Do or is that really? are these alliances not to your taste and convenience? Because before it was not questioned, he criticized and attacked both these alliances and much less those who made themselves with them where if its alliances with the PRI were strange and perverted? These questions are not only for the PRI and other parties, but also for broadcasters, written press, radio and television, and to the latter say that already have a little dignity and intelligence and do your job, do awareness that these maiceadas that give them not worth for all the damage they do to our country, they are unbiased, truthful and responsible in practice not in speech.

Bradbury Time

Success and prosperity are special attributes that belong to everyone, but are not necessarily used by all over the world. Ernest Holmes live at risk is jumping to the precipice and build your wings while you’re falling. Ray Bradbury are the result of many beliefs and schedules planted in your head by different sources and you have been feeding for a long time. It is called mimes to a type of programming that hammer advertisers, television, radio or newspapers and magazines in our heads and are a kind of virus that makes you associate images or phrases with brands and attitudes in life. For example, if I say: always many readers relate Coca Cola (by announcement: always Coca Cola) and thus we associate the goodness to poverty and much more even though they aren’t certain come from schedules that paralyze us and don’t let us realize our potential.

Why should be your goal change your life once and for all, to avoid manipulation and others to make decisions for you. Napoleon Hill in his original version of the book: think and Seras Rico defines the decision and the lack of it: the lack of decision is the biggest cause of failure. Leave for tomorrow what you can do today is the opposite of the decision. If everything you do is based on outside opinion, you end up without life of its own. Follow your intuition and your decisions and be responsible for you with them. Creates a group of master minds that come together from time to time that have similar interests yours and make the selection of your computer friends and relatives often limit us with their opinions and sarcastic criticisms, you own brain.

Use it. Be responsible for what you decide. If you need more information please ask those that have it, without revealing your purpose or your goal less than necessary.

British Sage Master

The triumphant life transcends all material success. The triumphant life is everyone who gives to the world, in creative expression, more than it receives from the creations of others. The greater ambition of every one of us It should be to become that kind of person. If this desire to inhabit the hearts of all and of each, we would have put endpoint to the imbalance caused by greed and selfishness and with the exploitation of man by man, hate, wars and fear of wars. If it appears in this article, with some extension, Walter Russel thinking is for several reasons, apart from the difficulty in finding his books.

1St – firstly by its intrinsic interest. It is an extraordinary creative, brilliant in everything what they embarked on a life that is equivalent to that of five persons great together and various. 2Nd – because offers us the path he followed to achieve their highest creative achievements. 3Rd – because corresponds, broadly speaking, with what other geniuses have said themselves, their life and their own creative process. The wise and Eastern teacher Aurobindo said that anyone who believes that his thoughts he thinks them and they arise only from his mind is so wrong as who believe that the news and the music and stories are generated in a radio receiver inside. Our mind, concludes Aurobindo, as this receptor and radio transmitter in the right frequency to receive information of where actually emits. Paul Brunton, another destacadisimo British Sage Master and introducer of Yoga in the West as a discipline of self-realization and author of an encyclopedic and deep work, is of similar opinion, Antonio Blay Fontcuberta, master of psychology, self-realization and author, among others, of creativity and fullness of life, manifests itself in similar terms: our individual mind is connected to the Universal mind from which derived all his knowledge and knowing.