General Directorate

We define advertising as a paid, and not personal communication for the promotion of ideas, goods, or services, that an identified promoter carries out. The first feature of the advertisement is to be communication. Therefore there is an issuer, a message, a medium and a few receivers. Advertising tries to communicate a message using different media. Advertising is communication Pagada. If a newspaper speaks of our company in an article it is not advertising. If the newspaper into a news item or article we quoted you because our company has generated a story. We differentiate the work of public relations than it is advertising.

One of the typical activities of public relations is to achieve that our company appears in the media and appears positively. A work of the Department of public relations is to send press releases and relevant information to newspapers, radio and television about our Organization. Promotion of ideas, goods, or services. Advertising is of promote and facilitate the work of carrying those ideas, goods or services to citizens. When comes to the topic of advertising the first thing you think is usually in advertising for products. Advertising of products. It is true that an important part of advertising is advertising products. Advertising cars, detergents or perfumes are a good example of advertising products.

In modern economies increasingly become more important services. Banks, hospitals, universities, lawyers provide services to society. As a country’s income rises an important part of the economy are services. And there is also an advertising that tries to promote Ideas. Advertising campaigns against tobacco, from the General Directorate of traffic so drivers have caution or campaigns against drugs are examples of promoting ideas. Another issue is that some of the campaigns against drugs are examples of bad publicity and sometimes it is not known whether they are in favour or against. The following example is a good campaign against drug use. Identified promoter. Legally in most of the countries the advertising must be distinguished from articles when it is press or the usual programming of the Radio and Television. Citizens have the right to know that part of the information that facilitates a medium is advertising. Conducted advertising companies or organizations that are identified as transmitters of the message. I am a person interested in the topics of advertising and marketing and I have own business ads luminous monterrey where you can find several companies on advertising.