This continuous loss of concentration, this disconnection of the text is a direct result of how inefficient and slow reading. 8 Bit read. The majority of readers inefficient evade read. Do not read your account and what they have to read to their studies or professional updating, nor read it. They are looking for excuses, summaries, whatever, but try to not read, realizing that the time it will take them will be enormous and the fruit of the effort will be tiny. Still inefficient readers who love reading acknowledge that they do not read all what you would want to read and that they leave without finish many books. 9 You have low vocabulary.

Most of the vocabulary that a person acquires and dominates is obtained by way of reading. Other activities such as watching television and listen radio, provide very little vocabulary, as carried out with a minimum of words to ensure that a broad audience with very different levels of education understand the programs and ads. The inefficient reader, therefore, learn little vocabulary, making it difficult, later, understanding of required readings. 10 I would like to read but do not want to read. By its own inefficiency, the vast majority of people would like to read more, because they recognize the immense benefits that it would bring them, the academic and professional both in their personal and spiritual development.

But the reality is that they don’t want to read. But, just as he wanted to win the jackpot, but not purchase lottery, the inefficient reader does not pass in the would. The efficient reader you can anticipate that you I will describe the efficient reader as the opposite to what I already pointed out to the inefficient. Of course, but I, too, will indicate you can go from being an inefficient reader one efficient and conquer, finally, that limitation in your personal and professional development.