All media Ernesto journalist has dedicated most of his life to the radio but his versatility allowed him to work on four different kinds of media: press, radio, internet and television. Passion for radio La Radio has been his passion since the end of the Decade of the seventies. In this medium stands as the owner of one of the most powerful voices of the Guajira, which has served to make music, sports and news programs and also for recording commercial cribs. Your tour includes work in the legendary Peninsula and radio Radio Tribuna, the voice of the Pampa, Olimpica stereo and correspondents for Radio Admiral and Radio Delfin of Riohacha and stereo Oasis of Uribia. In this medium has worked as a reporter, news announcer, writer and as director of the newscast in the morning in Olimpica stereo. Community television pioneer the community television was a great activity in defunct community channel Tele coast in which for several years was the director and news anchor: was a time that should put its versatility foolproof since served director of the newscast, the presenter, journalist, the librettist, and in some cases editor and cameraman. A tireless pen in written press has a prolonged activity as a correspondent for the newspaper El Informador of Santa Marta which publishes its news and Chronicles on the journal happening of the border. This facet of his professional life he learned a new trade: that of graphic reporter.In addition, some time ago he founded his own newspaper through which carries a complete historical and journalistic record of what happens in Maicao.

In the Middle alternative has published the events of recent years in La Guajira. More than 5000 pictures taken by your camera recorded visual history of La Guajira in the past five years. Digital journalism In the year 2007 Ernesto was one of the founders of Maicao page a day and shortly afterwards he founded his own blog: alternate means through which the maicaeros and the resident guajiro worldwide can learn news of Maicao almost instantly that these occur. Alternative means is agile, easy to read, simple in its presentation and pleasant lifestyle. The news are counted with the same naturalness with which is has one a neighbor who has been eyewitness to the facts. The character of Maicao figure of Ernesto Acosta makes part of the present of Maicao. With his typical attire that includes CAP and backpack hanging on the left shoulder, he wanders the streets of the Mareygua neighborhood where he lives, and is seen in the rainy mornings of June when she reaches the Sonora Tower of Olimpica stereo to present the news in the morning. Is also seen in the public market where religiously goes to visit the vieja Elsa or any event where there is the news, taking notes in your book or freezing the pictures on your camera. This is Ernesto Acosta, experienced journalist, however its more than thirty years of experience, preserved the joy of the first years and the enthusiasm of the beginner.