Jorge Rivera University

Medicinal, aromatic herbs and spices will constitute an excellent line to near future in our economy, to be able to eliminate poverty in our developing countries. Now if we win land occurring in places free of contaminating chemical elements we can get organic products a traceable bullet-proof and if in addition from the organic harvest we introduce you some ingenuity and technology, we will get to be the most large producers of herbs and spices stabilized, making that our products cease to be perishable. It is as well as in Colombia, we have been working to delivering pure seeds to farmers, providing them with training and waiting for them an excellent harvest and a good post-harvest handling that reaches the processing plant the best of the field, for conditioning then freeze and then freeze-dried, eliminating their water’s composition, providing a product dry, to pack up and be able to be consumed at special preparations, with a long maturity extended over the years. Even better if we make extraction and concentration of the pure juice of the leaf, flower or plant complete, we obtain a liquid highly concentrated, frozen and subsequently freeze-dried, providing us an herbal powder, easily manageable to use pure or in special preparations we hope to have our work support the Government, in addition to the international and reach each of their homes with fragrance in the air, condiment for dishes and remedies for our health biologist Jorge Rivera University of the Andes expert consultant in lyophilization No. 725998 Intota Experts specializing in agricultural biotechnology SENA specialty in food preservation Pharmacology SENA vegetable (medicinal plants) University Juan N Corpas President of chapter Colombian freeze-drying of the ISL-FD Skype: liofilizaciononline1 r r mobile 3112128296.