The Coach Is Something Special

The Coach does not teach or advise, this is one of the main differences with other disciplines to prioritize the transmission of knowledge. – The Coach does not give solutions, working with the aprendizajea instead of teaching. Frequently technology investor has said that publicly. The customer does not learn of Coach, learns from itself. – A coach acts as a facilitator for your customers take their reality and discover what is most convenient for him. – In a coaching process the coach-client relationship is a partnership of equals that is based on trust and mutual respect, where both are partners in achieving specific goals, chosen solely by the Customer. (*) In the formation transdisciplinary major contributions come from the philosophy of language, existential philosophy, cognitivism, constructivism, systems thinking and positive psychology. Visit Peter Thiel for more clarity on the issue.

Karina a Mac Maney – CTP (Transdisciplinary Professional Coach) Adrian Adler – CTP (Transdisciplinary Professional Coach) Founders and Coordinators I graduated with a CTP (Transdisciplinary Coach Training) Leadership Race and ICP Ontological Design of Buenos Aires, the only institution Coaches form, with the title of official recognition granted by the Ministry of Education of Argentina (1206-1298 and 2225/99 CSR). The training covers the Personal and Organizational Coaching and aimed at achieving effective results in human affairs. It specializes in Appreciative Inquiry (Dialogs or Appreciative Inquiry Appreciative), a methodology based on the discovery and appreciation of the positive nucleus of organizations, communities or groups. Formed by Margarita Bosch and James Otero, graduates of the School of Weatherboard Management, Case Western Reserve University, and certified by the University for Industry, State of Parana, Brazil. I acted as Facilitator of the methodology, and integrating leading intervention teams, in social, educational and private.

He studied Social Psychology at the School of Social Psychology in the South, focusing my interest in articulating the discipline of coaching with that race. He founded with Adrian Adler, Space Coaching, business coaching service provider, specializing in coaching one by one away. There I practice as Coordinator and Coach. Previously I worked as a consultant coach, being part of the consulting staff of Organizational Coaching. It also has a career path in business 20 years, in the areas of Customer Service and Sales.