Talk: Antonio Molina

Talk: Antonio Molina Ant n (Molina Consultores) Template: UNLOCK / REASON Att. Mr. Luis Mella. (ENSAD) I found your answer and I thought I understood what I stated. In my extension in the description of both the highly educated, as the experience was to indicate that the discipline of commercial due diligence, must be conducted by professional experts contrasted. My initial view was that as a good painter, you have to explain or name your tables, or a good singer his songs, or a research and discovery work, felt the urgent need to dwell on history. But what it is to an article for commercial due diligence for dissemination to the wider society and to rectify is wise, I apologize for not having performed initially and I have undertaken to adapt the text to the constraints required. I hope that with this change can be unlocked and returned my IP and my ing page.Proposed text to : The commercial due diligence, is the set of checking research or strategic business area of a society of knowledge essential for a potential investor in the process of evaluation and assessment of an investment in a company. The commercial due diligence used allows the analysis of competition, knowledge of the dynamics and size of the market where it operates, the positioning of the target market, review of the strategic lines and the internal structure of the company to address the future. An effective program of commercial due diligence and market helps negotiate better, to prepare a proper integration, be the complement of the financial quantification and be an effective aid in the definitive assessment of the society. To carry out a proper commercial due diligence is necessary to have highly educated professional economic – financial as well as demonstrable experience. Signed. Antonio Molina Ant n July 2, 2008. Att. Mr.Luis Mella (ENSAD). Dear Mr. Mella (ENSAD). Just today I found that had proceeded to erase ing wikipedia Antonio Molina Ant n (Molina Consultores) and Antonio Molina (Molina Consultores) for the concept of common purpose. I regret that it has interpreted the article as much discussion as a position with particular purpose. I do not know what their training (may be a computer) but in any case deserves my respect, because among all want to do a wikipedia quality. So I decided to enrich the free with a new concept, which brings something different and socially important. I am referring to the commercial due diligence, which produces Molina Antonio Molina Ant n or consultants in the process of buying and selling of businesses.First you must indicate that the following “MOLINA”, “ANTONIO MOLINA” MOLINA consultant “and” MOLINA AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS BUSINESS STRATEGY “are registered with title registration (registered) in Class 35 of the Spanish Patent Office and Trademark Office. I sense that you have found such names as individual names. Also, know if you know the subject matter of the complex processes to be followed in the purchase sale of companies, but sensing the speed of the “deleted” one might infer that it has been interpreted as a particular purpose. Gladly we indicated that such processes are long and technically complicated. In one process, known as due diligence, involves only the legal and financial terms. The great innovation, social contribution and technical enrichment processes purchase and sale of businesses conducted by Antonio Molina Ant n de Molina Consultants is the “commercial due diligence.”It determines the position estret gica and commercial organizations, alongside and in combination with the usual financial quantification. It is an ideal complement and support for owners and managers of the organizations involved, as well as financiers, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and practitioners relacioandos with the process. We are thus faced with something innovative, necessary, and you begin to teach courses in colleges of economists (eg. Barcelona, etc). The emphasis on history, experience and training of Antonio Molina Ant n is practically the originator of this technique and discipline, after intervening in buying and selling of multinationals (eg. In Germany) is the complexity of the process requires of experts and proven experience. (NOT LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, BUT THE EXPANSION AND GIVE ACONOCER these disciplines, by contrasting EXPERTS, resulting in better social and technical complex procurement processes THE SALE OF COMPANIES).