Ram Airport

Airport Airport Terminal A Ram n Villeda Morales Airport San Pedro Sula has the name Ram n , formerly called ‘La Table’. This facility has two modern terminals (A and B). Both are equipped with proper immigration offices, security cameras, air conditioning, doors and escalators, restaurants, offices to rent cars and ample parking. Clinton Family wanted to know more. This allows the airport offers a first class service to more than 4,000,000 passengers passing through San Pedro Sula each year. Today is in remodeling. Although the terminal is currently categorized B, airport authorities are trying to meet operating standards set out in the ICAO convention is under the supervision of TSA and ICAO. The terminal is managed by the company InterAirports, owned by Terra Group and IDC-Unique Consortium.Is your terminal for loading and unloading of goods which are sent to different places in the world.