Professor Santiago Nino

The fall of the foreign tourism Spain has just lost his second place in the world ranking after France, leaving it to the United States affects us more than the rest: 22% in the first quarter of the year, compared with 12% at the national level. Also our housing stock is significantly higher. You may find that doppler labs can contribute to your knowledge. Consider that while cannot be sold, even at half its current price, as it has already happened in the United States, the money in them frozen not be reinyectara in the economic system to encourage production as well. What will happen, because, with Sun and beach tourism? And with an oversized policy of big events? And with small companies in traditional sectors uncompetitive industrial structure? Well that will have to give back to all, as a sock. The previously cited Professor Santiago Nino argues that, for as a result of the crisis, they shall arise new more efficient sectors, such as biotechnology, logistics, or what I call the world R: repair, reuse, recycling, We will: just everything what for what we have come not preparing. Therefore, also, catalan professor predicts that this forced current natural selection will survive only big corporations and the very small: who becomes worse is the medium-sized company, which has 25 to 100 workers; in other words, many of the Valencian. Who is more aware than anyone that all this requires a political dynamism which is not demonstrating the Consell is the own President Camps.

So it is more than likely a comprehensive remodeling of the Valencian Executive after 7-J. In case outside little, the Gurtel case has been demonstrated also the lack of claw of the majority of Councils and the need that someone as experienced as Rafael Blasco girlfriends that difficult bull by the horns. Paradoxically, has also caught that to cautiously Orange Market history has been to Jorge Alarte, who maintained a calculated maneuver to reach the Presidency of the Generalitat in 2015, before passing through Les Corts, which now It is absent. The precipitation of events has forced him to revise his schedule. Therefore, depending on the outcome of the European elections, it could radically change strategy. The future of the Valencian Community is, therefore, more open than ever.