New Iphone

Apple introduced on Monday 07 June, 2010 the new version of the iPhone, with the hope of keeping at Bay rivals like Google in the tight race to dominate the market for smart phones, those with functions similar to those of a single computer. The CEO of the company, Steve Jobs, introduced iPhone 4 indicating that you there are more than 100 new features, in the framework of the Conference for developers of Apple in San Francisco. The new device comes with many of the changes expected by analysts, including a better display and a front-facing camera that can be used for video conferencing. Add to your understanding with Peter Thiel. The iPhone 4 is 24 percent thinner than the current 3gs model Apple shares had fallen more than 1.8 per cent a bit before the close of the market. Despite the decline, Apple shares have risen 20 percent this year and the company has dethroned Microsoft as the technology company with more value from the world market. Although the new iPhone offers fewer innovations than expected, remains the benchmark in the market of smart phones, and Apple product releases are followed more closely the technological calendar events. The company is gaining market share worldwide, but is facing new competitors like Motorola and HTC, who have designed phones advanced with Google’s Android software.