Messenger America

One of the most recognized companies in offering service for mobile telephony in Latin America, announced that it launched as soon as a Java for Windows Live Messenger application, after an agreement between Microsoft and Synchronica, company specialized in the proportion of mobile messaging services. Should be recalled that while, in other parts of America and Europe, this service is used common, still part of Latin America in which this utility has not stopped. With this application users in Latin America, can enjoy one of the most used in the world instant messaging services. Through an interface similar to any computer, the beneficiaries of this provision may chat in Messenger, thereby introducing one of the products most required by mobile phone users today. According to recent data, Messenger has over 330 million active users each month, and the growth trend promises to leave those numbers back in little time. Finally It should be noted that this service will be compatible with equipment of high and medium range, while already launch offerings are expected to encourage mobile phone users to download and use this fabulous application.