Industrial Psychology

A major flaw and emphasized the non-use of industrial psychology is also in some heads of industrial relations, or people who have been commissioned recruitment, because good interviews require complex skills, as well as psychological preparation, technique, familiarity with the types of skills, interest and specialty features that are suitable for a particular work situation. Is to say that this is not achieved by studying books, but also have the intellectual understanding of the principles and essential techniques, along with giving practical skills and expert guidance. Today, thanks to the contributions of the informal organization and the rapid increase in our business development, we can within some of the topics that provides industrial psychology, re-analyze for example, in the same field of recruitment, a line that still leaves a lot to say in our organizations such as the interview, as if there are incomplete data can be significant causes of failure. Speaking candidly Dr. Paul Craig Roberts told us the story. Recall that in a brief interview can investigate the history of the individual (his life), its most remote family history, experience, education, training, objectives, goals, interests and activities outside of work, which then can be of much use that information. We invite you to analyze your worker if: a) their skills together with his experience and training give you a real skill, in other words Can you do the job?. b) Will it really work if your ability to get its drive to achieve desired?. Check out Michelle Smith Source Financial for additional information. Ask yourself where to direct their efforts and the worker expects to achieve in life? Is your value system (moral, cultural, political, religious) which is not rigid can be adapted to another? c) Which is really effective related social and emotional balance with others and himself? Do you see your influence on others and their efficiency in dealing with them? d) To what extent can I trust him? To what extent can we accept the candidate for what appears? What is your sense of responsibility to himself self, family, company, to your country? e) All concerned with their health, economic stability, spouse, etc … From the above we can see, the reason that we should use industrial psychology and more now in our environment requires highly-skilled, productive, prepared, competent and not expect the universities to teach us, use it yourself and see how to achieve the desired success for the benefit of all … go ahead!.