E-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce is defined as the absolute set of procedures that perform commercial activities or business in a network and a new help in the realization of commercial transactions electronically. This is a new concept in the global world of business and makes the best use of technologies such as electronic data interchange to transmit information or documents by electronic means. Electronic transactions carry out the transfer of ownership or rights of use for a good or service. In addition, this technology can be classified into virtual storefronts on the web sites with online catalogs. E-Commerce, electronic commerce according to studies recent, it was found that those companies reach their customers all the way through physical media, such as shops to the retail it should be noted that expenditures are increasing significantly in comparison with their income. In this changing scenario of business, currently, trade electronic is becoming new way to promote their products / services and at the same time, continue directly linked to their customers.

Nowadays, people want to enjoy everything what can save time. With mobile technology and plastic money, which simply do not like to waste your time in visiting stores to buy a product. In such a situation, e-commerce is the only means to provide a better solution. Regarding the current situation of this new concept online has brought a new revolution in the world and act as ideal platform to give your business a chance to discover new markets around the world. Purchase and sale of goods or services over the Internet, has completely changed the business today in day. Now you can, in fact, announce, buy or sell products on the web site, pay or accept payments online through credit cards and other means of payment collection online. It is an integral part of its sales strategy. Being one of the means to get to new markets, it also offers a better way of doing business and expand even more.